Friday, 30 June 2017

A Series of Books #Puisi Berantakan

"Satu saja : Jangan lecehkan tulisan orang lain. Siapa tau, mungkin itu satu-satunya nafas yang dia punya"

This is going to be my first time of reviewing a poems book. I am not really sure how to review this (either in Malay or in English) because this collection of poems are beautifully written in Malay  with combination of Indonesian. It talks about the heartbroken, longing, loneliness, hope and struggle.

To those whom loves poems as much as I do, and you know I turn to poems everytime I'm on my lowest point. When I get through heartbroken phase, depression phase, confusion phase. There is always a collection of poems that I read through and just read it again and again and try my very best to stay calm and be rational.

For this time around, again, I got into depression because of relationship issue and I met this book. I always believe books come to you and not the other way around. They want you to read them that's why you attracted to it. Your sub-conscious tells you to get the book. That's why I think bookworms become bookworms because of the law of attraction between human and the book. They pull you into the unending of feeling attracts to books.

Back to this book, let me share some of the poems that touch me more than others;


Di bawah rintik hujan aku berdansa
Menari ikut nyanyian suara hujan
Merasakan tiap tetes hujan yang jatuh
Berputar putar ikut rentak bundaran sendiri,

Tangan dihanturkan biar berdepa
Dinginnya air hujanmeluluhkan bahang hati
Saat itu aku tidak lagi peduli mata mata lain
Biarkan mereka berkata kata
Biarkan aku menikmatinya sendiri.

Datang lagi hujan temani aku
Datang lagi hujan temui aku.

Karena dengan hadirnya rintik rintik itu
Aku menemukan kembali

This piece reminds me of him, that one special friend. He told me how stressed he was because of his nature of work, addition to the human problem he faced on that one time. Then he fell off from buildings, his sick body, all of these things that made him craves on rain. He said rain brings him happiness. He feels like a kid again. He forgot his worries. I imagined him smiling under the rain, jumping into puddles, enjoying every seconds of that moment and crying to let go of his problems. He is one tough friend. I wish you happiness.

Kau hadir lagi
Kau datang lagi
Kau kembali lagi
Kau muncul lagi

Bayangan hati
kau terindah

Bayangan mata
Kau anugerah.

You haunted me every night for a month, and when I saw you in my dreams I feel like everything else is a dream. I feel like you are more real than a real world itself. This feeling tortures me more than I can even imagine before. The thought of you coming back to me and everything goes back to normal kills me internally. It was the first time. Ever. Feeling so hopeless and restless. Unsure. But the same thought, the same shadow of you, keeps me moving on from that phase.

For the last piece,

Tentang Cinta, Hati dan Rasa

Tentang cinta, hati dan rasa
Cermin di depanku melihat aku dan bertanya
"apakah kau tau apa yang sedang kau bicarakan?"

Merenungnya kembali, aku jawab
"aku tau persis siapa seorang aku
Pada dasarnya tidak di posisi layak tuk
Berkata tentang cinta, hati dan rasa"

Cermin, aku cuma mau bereskpresi;
Selagi nafas itu masih ada
Selagi memori itu masih ada
Selagi kita masih ada - kita.

It was a short journey, of knowing another stranger to become a special one back to a stranger. It was a lengthy process of human interaction which I always avoid to face. I chose to exclude myself from another being just because I know I can fall into deepest pit of hell if it goes unwell. However, God ask me, us, to show some effort to get something and here I am, trying to be better.

p/s: to you my special friend, you have been sitting on a special place in my heart, I decided to make you my special one, but maybe, I think, maybe, there is just no "you and me" in the future so that's why this happen. To make me learn something from you but never to learn forever with you. Thank you. 

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