Monday, 12 June 2017

A Series of Books #Perfect

Life is not meant to be flawless.

However, what do you think you will do when your perfect life starts to crumble? And it doesn't go your way? What will you do then? When everything arounds you seems to abandon you and the most you can do is nothing?

The continuation of Flawed by Cecelia Ahern which concludes the journey of Celestine North. A girl whom is having her perfect life, with her perfect family and perfect boyfriend but because of one act of kindness, changed her perfect life 360. Irony is it? How simple act of kindness can make your life worse than Celestine can imagine.

A country where not only govern by government but also an organisation that claim itself as a defence of the country from corrupted mind. It judges people and split them to perfect and flawed race. For every flawed person, there is minimum one brand on their body and the treatment of them is the second class treatment. Flawed cannot be in a community and there is always a whistleblower to take care of flawed person. There are a lot of laws and restriction even on food for flawed person as freedom is a luxury for them.

Celestine North, a girl whom act on logic, thinks that helping a sick flawed is not a crime but in her world people sees it as aiding a flawed and there is a law regarding that, which no people can aid a flawed unless another flawed but maximum only one person. More than two flawed people sitting/standing together will be penalised. Thus, she has been dragged to the  Guild court to be judge. There are five brands that can be branded to people but Celestine has more. She is special, perfect or flawed. She has been branded without anaesthetic and the brand is smeared on her pancreas. It is the most distracting brand and can bring the Guild down as the Guild has make a wrong step.

Perfect tell us on how 18-year-old girl survive in a world where there is no common sense but only perfect way of life. There is no consideration given certain situation even if it is includes the life and death. How people trying so hard to display a perfect life and ultimately deny all flaws whereas only the presence of flaw can make us differentiate it from perfect. Although that kind of life condition has improved the economy but the nature of human is they always wants more than whatever they already have. The journey to reveal what is wrong and what is right, what is common sense and consideration, kindness and flexibility and freedom. A tough decision and rough road for a girl to make things right again and to make people understand that maturity is not based on age but on the level of thinking by considering several factors. To have empathy but firm in decision making, and with logic.

It is a great book that gives you insight on what would the world be if this kind of things happen without actually happening. It dwells you on the present, the life we are living in and judge our own action. How actually we perceive this world, a world where some people think they will live eternally.

It teach me that every good action will brings you joy although there are a lot of sacrifice to be made, but it is a worthy one. Every good action. Every one of it. The truth may reveal a bit late but the truth always comes out. Nothing can beat truth and justice.

The few quotes I love from the book are:

" A weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else" - Grandad.

" … the moment we are beyond making wishes is either the moment we are truly happy, or the moment to give up" - Celestine

"  There are seven character flaws. Self-depreciation is belittling, and undervaluing oneself. Self-destruction is sabotaging, punishing and harming. Martyrdom is someone who denies responsibilities, blames others. Stubbornness is resisting change, even a positive one. Greed is selfishness, overindulgence, overconsumption. Arrogance is a superiority complex, a need to be seen as better than others because being ordinary is intolerable. Impatience is intolerance of obstruction and delay." - Judge Crevan.                                                                                         

May you find enjoyment and thrill while reading this book as that is how I feel. The feeling of suspense and fear are presented well also the bravery shown by the characters.

Turn your imagination to somewhat brings the inner child in you so that you may enjoy all the little things in this world.

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