Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Series of Books #The Gift

Lets restart this label of me reviewing books that I enjoyed reading.

What would you wish for if your life demand you to be at two places at one time? And this happen for the rest of you life? What one thing that you wish can simplify your life and makes you be present everywhere where you needed?

Lou Suffern enjoying his life running almost everywhere, be present at every meeting either the starting of it or almost the end but he always there. Making sure people will see his effort and his determination towards his job. For him, wealth and money are the measure of success. The bigger your office is, the more success you are. The higher position you have, the more success you are. This battle makes his family go crazy, his wife, his siblings, his parents even his son. He will be the first one coming in to the office as he loves the silence that welcomes him in his office. No printer sound, the lemon fresh smell of clean floor, and no one but him. He feels like he is under control of everything.

One day, out of his character, he stop and notice a homeless man named Gabriel or Gabe for short. He isn't sure why Gabe attracts him to stop and talk to the homeless guy. It is just plain weird for him too. He feels like looking into a mirror. He sees himself in Gabe but with Martin boots and blanket on the ground. Lou greets him. Gabe starts talking like he knows Lou. Like he actually know Lou personally. Then what spark Lou interest on Gabe is when Gabe talk about shoes of people that walking around the building. Those shoes give great interest to Lou as he thinks he knows who the owner of the shoes. However Gabe tell a story that confuses Lou of why these pair of shoes are with each other. He gives Gabe a job and that is where everything starts.

Lou, a self-conscious man who puts his job as top priority  and now always looking over his shoulder to make in time for every work-related events, meeting or after party that can give him good portfolio and becomes more successful. He feels threatened with the presence of Gabe that he wonder how Gabe can travels through floors so fast and deliver his job so efficiently, Gabe can do another job because all of his work in the company is done. The big boss has notice Gabe working attitude and compliment him in front of Lou and that worries him more.

Gabe gives Lou a gift. Capsules that can help Lou wins against time. The battle that worries not only him but all his family and also Gabe. Lou mistakenly the capsules with drugs which is against his ethics and he definitely not going to success with the helps of drugs, in whatever form it is. However Gabe wants Lou to accept it and explains to Lou how the capsules work. It will split the consumer into two and that condition gives advantage to Lou to be present at two places in one time. Lou stuns and obviously interested in that though he still doubting Gabe.

Gabe explanation proven right when Lou take the pills and he sees himself and each of him attend different meeting to make a deal and he won both of it. He says that the pills really makes him under control of everything, spending time with his family and also be top of his work. That what is Gabe wants since beginning and Lou finally understand it. Though, the pills is no other that ordinary sleeping pills which Gabe tricks Lou to eat it and experiences the magic.

. . .

I think Gabe is not a human in this story. I think he is an angel that gives Lou more time to correct what's wrong and makes Lou's family remembers Lou as a family man as well as a successful businessman. A normal sleeping pill cannot divide human body into two unless with a bit help of magic, am I right?

The capsules/pills that Gabe gives to Lou is a gift from him to provides Lou with more time to spend with his family. More time for Lou to realise what is more important in his life. More time for Lou to decide which brings more happiness to him. Lou finally discover it although at the final night of his life, but he succeeds.

Time. A subjective matter that human, us, usually take advantage on. We think we have all the time in this world to do what we loves but we forget that time is not rewindable. Time cannot be bought by money. Time is a matter that cannot be retrieve back and we only have 24 hours, 3600 seconds to spend wisely. To be used in most efficient ways and not regret it for any reasons.


Human always make mistake. From mistake we learn. With any lesson learnt, we improve. Although we use our precious time to make mistake but that mistake improve us from zero to hero, hopefully.

For anything that happens, it happens for a reason.

Learn, Live, Love.

"One man's lesson is another man's tale, but often, a man's tale can be another's lesson."
"Appreciating your loved ones. Acknowledging all the special person in your life. Concentrating on what's important."

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