Friday, 10 February 2017


Overly attached
Demand attention

Those words describing me being dependent on you
Easily falls in love and falls in love hard
Tho I'm afraid to 
but I'm already in the pit // love pit
Somehow I want to turn back the time so that I didn't fall
Slow down the time so I have more time to judge this feeling
The feeling I always afraid of
I have already let the fate decide
and it is dangerous
Now it is too late
It is either I'm happy or I'm not
With you is scarier than anybody else
You give hope 
more than anyone else
making me feels like I am belong to someone
But your twisting words are confusing
Intended or non-intended
People comes for a reason // and leave for another
I want this to work out
Never wish for it this desperately
Never pray for it this hard
Never been this cautious
Never been this thoughtful
Calculating the outcome of this relationship // whatever it is

You made me sing randomly
You made me smile on the thought of you
You made me believe love is still exist
and people is kind

" you're every line, you're every words, you're everything " 

It is too early
Too early for both of us
but I am afraid // the uncertainty 
Should I just love without looking back?
ignoring everything and just love? 
and be a fool in love


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