Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Makan Makan Johor

I may not have an official food hunting hashtag but I guess I do find a lot of good place to eat around Johor, tho more in JB and Pasir Gudang. I never thought to post an entry regarding this as I always enjoy eating good food so it doesn't feel unnatural to not share it here. But, a friend said why not? Then yeah, why not?

New life in different state gave me more freedom to explore, on my own pace, doing my own things, deciding whether to friend human or just the tree, without any restriction. And I decided to be friend with food eventually.These are few restaurants/cafes that I enjoyed eating at, that fit my palate, and not necessarily delicious for others.

1. Kedai Ikan Bakar Kg Pasir Putih

I came here for welcoming lunch treated by company and the ikan bakar was a real good. If you love nasi, ikan and sweating experience, do come here and enjoy this ikan bakar. Fresh from Kg Pasir Putih.

2. Der' Cabin, Seri Alam

I would say this is my favourite place to eat Chicken Chop RM5, but whenever I come after work (which is already 10.30pm) the chicken chop always finish. pfftt But the burger also good and the pasta is nice. Good food with cheaper price and nice environment. Got music and I love dinner while listens to Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are.

3. Nasi Lemak Tepi Kubur

I came to this place with a lot of difficulties, lost on the road cause it was only a week after I came to Johor, with a bad navigator (-_-!), and short tempered. I almost snapped while driving but the nasi lemak was worth it. The chicken was so delicious and well done. But it situated opposite muslim cemetery and I don't wanna really come here again at night.

4. BigFood, Noh Chik

Ohhh this BigFood food are delicious, the meat I mean. I love its lamb so much. It was big, juicy and damn delicious. And the food is gigantic, not a portion for a small tummy like me. It was my go to restaurant but the only bad thing about it are, it only accept cash (with expensive price who brings that so much cash duhh) and it always full with people sometimes it tends to forget your order. (and sometimes they didn't say sorry too, so eat at your own risk)

5. JWC, Mount Austin

The coffee are great!! I have tried almost everything, different beans from different countries with different kind of preparation. The taste of the coffee sweeten in your tongue, warm your throat and stays for a good night in your heart and mind. It calms you. I also love its flowers tea. The rose is a good one. Always. You can smell the rose fragrance while enjoying the flowery taste of warm tea. It brings you different feeling, feeling like an English Princess maybe. 

6. Bubur No 1, Taman Sentosa

It was my first time eat plain bubur with variety of side dishes. This was quite nice. It just same like you eat nasi campur but you eat bubur instead. With telur masin, accompanied by street lights at night and crowd. It does feel and taste good. 

7. Chinese restaurant near the Jetty around permas.

I can't remember the name and exact location of this place, but if you wanna eat seafood and hot fresh bun with a lot of money in your pocket, I am willing to clear my time to bring you here. It was my boss farewell celebration and my another boss treated us here. The seafood was fresh it smell sea and wind. I even ordered new set of bun and it was worth it. They can cook with different style, chinese, malay, baba and nyonya, indonesian,and etc.With bottomless hot chinese tea. It was good. But obviously I can't afford this to be my favourite place but if you want to treat your family or company dinner, this is the one.

8. Korean Restaurant, Tanjung Puteri

Place where I refill my desire of eating korean food. With its limitless side dishes, I always going out from here with round belly. LOL All are delicious but I suggest to go for bibimbap or cold noodle cause other food is too much for people like us, people with baby appetite. 

9. Cafe Racer, Pelangi

New place, only tried once but it tasted like UHMEHRICAHH. I tried morning breakfast menu cause it have beef sausages with red beans and mashed potato and onions gravy. WOW! BOOM! 10,000 CALORIES! but it was really good. The food quality and the price is comparable so don't think twice to try it once here.

10. Kedai Goreng-Goreng, Kg Pasir Putih

Why I called it goreng2? Cause they serve kepok lekor, pisang goreng, sukun goreng, cendawan goreng, and other goreng-goreng that I can't remember its name. And also cendol! Cendol pulut also available. Eating this meal after 8 hours of work is comforting (at least that's what I think when my colleagues always want to eat here after work). Small kedai and close early so if you come after 6pm, then say bye2 to pisang goreng and cendol. 

11. The Brew Orchestra, Taman Molek

This is high-end cafe that serves authentic coffee. I tried Interstellar coffee, a combination of weird ingredients and coffee and gave you the taste of space, intergalactic coffee. It taste out of this world and it was even prepared with a bit of flame. I wasn't sure what was that for. In simpler words, it was improvised espresso. It has really strong taste and smell but as always, it was worth RM24.

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