Friday, 27 January 2017

Loneliness is a friend

"You got a friend in me"

It was a long day of thinking and reflecting. Tho it's a working day. Production stop so I have a lot in hands and in mind.

I was thinking
Is it okay for me to not contacting my friend anymore just because it has been awhile since the last time I contacting them?
Is it okay for me to ask daughter of some rich family, hows life growing up with silver spoon?
Is it okay for me to jokes about bad attitude and assuming them understand it was a joke?
Is it okay for me to have fun while in solitude and this solitude brings happiness somehow?
Is it okay for me to think that every single person in this world is the same, doing anything in regards of gaining something from each other?
Is it okay for me to rush into love than just wait like it will come to me, crawling?

I rather stay quite than speaks garbage. I think it shows your mental strength.

I wonder how you think of me. As a person. How differ am I before you knew me and now? What is your first impression and what is the lasting impression on me?

or can I ask those questions? I'm just a curious child.

Speak up your mind before its too late.

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