Sunday, 27 November 2016

December 2016

It's been awhile since I write and I may say since I've been inspired to write. So little is happening in my life now where I can say it feels stagnant now. Nothing is moving forward and I started feeling comfortable with my current job. This is unproductive for me and I feel bored already. I want to go out. Do something. Make something. Feel something. Incredible. Fascinating. Thrilling. Not just staying at home and worrying about me not having some fun. I'm still young and working in Malaysia doesn't give me something to explore. or maybe I'm just a lazy bum, couch potato, fantasizing about working in New Zealand and get to enjoy myself with the nature. Oh I'm so bored working in Johor. *sigh And the friends that play with me stay in KL, NZ and they are too far to be with now. I really wish I can enjoy myself more here in Johor. 

For now I just go to my favourite cafe, enjoy my favourite coffee, with myself. And I do really love it. But I crave for more. You know, like strolling at the beach, watching sunset after work and have some real good home-cooked meal. 

Or actually I am missing my books. I want to read but I don't have a time to go to city and buy books. Next week I surely go straight from work to bookstore. Reading keep my head under control. At least. I don't get to hear things. Keep me sane. *pfftt 

Well friend, how are you over there. Where ever you are now. Who ever you are. Are you enjoying life? Like you should? Wanna share it a bit with me? Maybe we can cheer up each other. And pretend like we are pen-pal. Oh I should really go home and be sane. A month away from home turns me into some weird kiddo. And I hate this young adult life-crisis. *cries I can't wait for a week holiday in December which is like another two weeks from now. And a few months before graduation ceremony. Come, celebrate me! Cause I might be attending it alone. *cries second time

Jokes aside I am now planning to expand my career path to  (you know New Zealand OF COURSE!) overseas and stay there. So here is the plan:
1. Get my degree cert.
2. Work hard on my current job.
3. Pass with flying (rainbow) colours of NABIM courses.
4. Stay in MFM for like 4-5 years minimum.
5. After 3 years in MFM, actively finding a job vacancy in NZ.
6. Continue saving like I do now. 
7. Fly to NZ to work over there. 

Thus the aim now is get a work in NZ and stay there as long as I need. And get married as a lifetime bonus (that's the phrase my friend use if he get a wife, lifetime bonus) Or else I just go and find a magical lifetime.  Pray for me will you? Thanks. 

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