Monday, 26 September 2016

Can't help falling in love with you.

I spent a lot of time thinking about me. About myself. Why am I feeling this way.  Am I such a weak at heart. Am I that lonely. Or am I just a pathetic girl who craves attention. Not really tough and independent and I just cannot have someone not pay attention to me. It is suck to feel like this. I guess this happen because of my friends whom are getting married and in relationship here and there. With the guy I have crush on already moving to relationship. No one want to play with me anymore and flirt-relationship does not fancy me anymore. It is tiring and getting boring. I don't want to wait for that long. I don't want to put efforts that no one will appreciate. Why can't just love knocking your door instead of you search for the right door to enter. Don't confuse. I am happy. I am enjoying my life to the fullest. Surrounding with fun friends and go to places, create memories. I love my life. and its human nature that I want more. I have my life and now I am in a journey of finding the perfect partner. A perfect partner for me to continue living this life joyfully.

I am not in love with any of my friends, I dont have irregular feeling towards my father, my exes does not find me. I am emotionally available and in quest of finding you.

I am not perfect, I am lacking in many ways but I want to enjoy the world with you. Enjoying every bits of everything in our own way. Wouldn't it be perfect if we meet now, and do lots of things together than in two years time we get officially together and continue our plan of taking over the world with laughter and love. Isn't it sound like a good plan to you? No? I don't have plan of settling down unless if we want to live like a fisherman, by the sea or as farmers whom do gardening or living in the forest and self-sufficient while enjoying the starry ceiling of our forest house. I don't want to meet wrong people again and get frustrated. I am random. Surprises keep me alive and I appreciate small gesture of love and kindness. Do find me cause I am actually tired of meeting other people than you. Let's be together, I have an ideal guy but whats good in appearance if you cannot make me laugh hysterically even at your dumb lame jokes?

Hye there. You, yes you. Be my partner, will you?


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