Monday, 25 April 2016

The Starting Point

This post is a continuation of the previous one.

I have been shortlisted for second interview. YEAY!!! *joget2  It was located in wisma MCA building in KL and as always my brother accompanied me for moral support. For this interview, there were 3 panels, Head of HR Madam Carol, Managing Director Mr Teh and Mr Derek. So, what I did to prepare for this time interview??

For a week, I kept on thinking what kind of questions will be asked as Big Boss will interview me. But it didn't bother me that much as I think maybe they would ask just simple questions. You know like ... I don't know. I can't predict at all. I was so nervous! (I lied about it didn't bother me, it did) But I didn't do any research until the night before. While I was watching kdrama (as usual) I just googled about the company, about the position, what should I know about it, and maybe there is latest news article about the company.

I found an article, summarising about the company loss and profit for 2015. I  studied the article. I imagined the situation and tried to understanding the company based on the article. I tried to conclude it with what can and need to do to help the company in any way and also just to imagine what it is need to be done for a fresh grad engineer like me. But, you know, a last minute preparation is't a good one thus I still thinking about it. Just to make make myself prepare for anything that will come.

On 25th April 2015, Monday 1500, I got into the meeting room. There I met the panels and they asked me to introduce myself. I didn't talk much for introduction cause I guess I just went blank and waited for them to ask me more questions. What I observed was the introduction session was for them to analyse our resume and any attachments about us that they have so what I learnt from this session was introduced yourself as long as they keep reading your details. No rambling about yourself but just talked long enough to give them time to read about your details. You can say about your background education, your hobbies and interests and your family.

Then here comes the serious (but not so serious) part of the interview :

Big Boss asked me
How come in 2012, your cgpa was 3.84 but it went down after that? Is there any particular reason behind that?
My answer
Nothing  in particular. Just I struggled a bit with physics. 
Big Boss
Why? Because physic's difficult for you?
My answer
I didn't say it difficult but it's challenging. (With shy smile)
Big Boss
Heh (smirk) difficult/challenging. Good choice of words. LOL
Then everyone laughed hard. Indeed it was funny even to me cause he caught me off guard.

Few serious questions that I have been asked:

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? Or what is your ambition?
  2. Which one do you wanna be? A machine operator? An engineer? or both?
  3. Do you mind get your hands dirty?
  4. How about shift? Will you okay with it?
  5. How do you wanna blend in with former workers?
There were 2 same questions from my previous interview thus I think I nailed those 2 questions. It's because I've answered it before and my answers for this time around more composed and structured. Basically my answers were all honest answers and I thought hard before answering each questions.

Then there were some funny questions like "oh you studied in Bentong before? I am from Bentong" and I was like yeay, free point for me. And they were all laughing saying I was happy to get free point from boss. Lol Big Boss always joke about how old he is, he cant hear really well, or understand me when I spoke and I just play along. Saying they werent old that much and Mr Derek and Madam Carol, they weren't old its only him (pointing to Big Boss) They were so funny and I enjoyed the session very much. It was only 2 hours but I learn a lot. Big Boss gave his insight of question that he found it is important for me to understand. It was the 2 question (from above).

His answer: 
A machine operator has narrow knowledge about engineering though he knows everything about the machine. While engineer has wider knowledge/theories and that's why we need to be both, engineer and machine operator.
I learnt a lot about the company, about the people, about the boss themselves and I love it. I thought to myself even if I  didn't get this job, it was fun interacting with all these smarts people. I love to know their pov of some critical issues and shared mine. Thank you for your time bosses, listening to me talking which I don't know if it okay or not. Haha

My only question for them was why they have loss almost half of their previous profit. Although I read it on the article but still I was just curious what happen actually. That's where I caught them off guard cause they just received the book about the analysis but hey I was just wondering. No double intention. I was happy. My once life aim is I always want to have some fun conversation with these talented people about the world. And through interview I can feel that I have achieved it.

Special thanks to Miss June whom introduced me to this position and kindly explained to me about the position. Thank you so much.

p/s: Of course I feel grateful for my family and friends who always support me in every condition I am and I happy if everyone happy. :D


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