Wednesday, 13 April 2016

First and Foremost

I got an interview!!! Wahao Wahao! Lol It was my first time ever attended a legit interview and IT WAS FUN! I found it really motivating and I didn't know such a way can teach me so much.

It was a flour company far away in Johor and I stumbled upon it in UM Career Fair. Just because of other exhibitors late, I decided to stay and listened on whatever they wanted to tell me about the company, the job and the opportunity that I can grab on. I asked about the vacancy and candidates they were looking for and we did match on the position. The position I wanted was what they offered. I talked a lil bit more with June, the company rep and market myself a bit and sent in my resume. June scheduled an interview for me on next Tuesday and it was in Johor. I wonder how bad it can be if I just attend the interview? Worst is I didn't get the job and the interview location just 3 to 4 hours from home. Thus why not?

I went and met 3 other candidates, Ganesh, Amin and Zul. I wore dark blue shirt with checkered slack and red sneakers. Thought of wearing white heels to match my tudung but I guess God just help me for not to. It was because the interview started with plant tour. I got the chance to look at the plant, the machines, the flourmiller in the control room, the flour itself and analysed the working condition. I expected it to be so dusty and so hot and uncomfortable. However, it was not. It's hot but not so hot. It's dusty but cleaner than expected and tho it's noisy, there is always a way to compromise with the noise. *smile The flourmiller who brought us around was Saiful and he had been working there for 3 years as the plant is 3 years old.

After we done with the tour, we got back to the interview room and we had been given a case to be presented. I was so damn nervous. It's totally nerve wrecking. I didn't expect this. "This is gonna be hard" that what was I thought about. I merely want to give up but then I remembered what my brother told me, "Keep calm and you can do it. It always there in your mind, cause you already know it. The answers". Then I paired up with Zul and we need to solve a problem of
"Sabri as a Mech engineer found out at 7am that the machines got mechanical issue and Omar, Maintenance engineer got something else and can only attend the problem at 9am. The production line will be held on for 2 hours and the driver need to extend the waiting hours for another 2 hours. The same problem happened last 2 weeks. Sabri wanted to solve the problem. What should he do?
We need to state :

  1. Problem description and Proposed solutions
  2. Description of existing condition
  3. Conduct cost benefits analysis
  4. Proposal on Engineering solutions/design
  5. Other related matters

We been given 30 mins and Zul and I had some really good time tried to answer everything as simple as we can and as fast as we could. Because it's our first meeting, the starting was a bit awkward but hey, i'm a good speaker. LOL We presented our answers as follow :

1. Problem description

  • Machine faulty with mechanical issues
  • repeated problems
  • on hold production line
  • absence of maintenance engineer
2. Proposed solutions

  • hired technicians
  • regular maintenance schedule
  • increase the amount of machines (assume there is space)
3. CCB analysis 
  • We answered this question using graph with financial loss as the result for variable factors. The least factor  that affect the company loss was hiring a technician.
4. Proposal on Engineering solutions/design
  • Implemented sensors in machine to detect and abnormalities in machine behaviour.
Though after everything, I discussed the question with my brother and he thought we should give a short term solution instead of long term. The only solutions that we can think of were outsourcing and buying flour from another company to fit the batch so that it can be pack and deliver to the customer. One thing I need to take a note is always look for long and short term solutions.These how we answered the questions and the plant manager, Mr Chan commented with lots of structured questions which gave us more specific ideas on how to deal with the problem. Example questions:

  1. What is the job scope of flourmiller?
  2. Thus that mean flourmiller can do the maintenance works?
  3. Which one do you choose, operator? engineer? operator come engineer?
  4. Rate your level of professionalism in terms of commitment, discipline and panctuality.
  5. Rate between 1 to 5 ( 1 = bad, 5 = best) how you sustain yourself. (regarding the miller training programme of 7 years).
  6. Rate your willingness (1 to 5) to be working under hot, dusty, noisy condition?
  7. Do you asssume the ABC company from the problem as this company?
  8. What is your ambition?
  9. How do you see yourself? a teamworker? a specialist? or an organiser?
  10. If there is a new way you want to implement in the group how you deal with it?
  11. If there is people under you with attitude problem, how you tackle the problem?
Those were the questions that I can remembered from the interview and it was a lot more than that. A LOT. It was a 4 hours interview, from 2pm to 6 pm. Exhausting but worth the experience. I didn't think I can talk that much and giving my smile so generously with happy vibe and excited feeling. I laughed a lot. I think we did the interview like a group of friends. Everyone was so attentive to each other and supporting each other. If I want to work under someone, Mr Chan is a good leader. That was my first impression of him throughout the interview. 

Getting an interview in Johor brake my idle schedule of everyday and gave me new memory of visiting Johor and JPO. I got to see how Johor was although for a night. I met friendly people and I think I was friendly. I made jokes and I smile, I smile. It's hard for me to smile a lot without not enjoying myself and I enjoyed it very much, It was a healing session. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. Somehow I learnt a lot from this as well. Good Job yasmin *Thumb up