Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Series of Books #Stupid Cupid

Written by Rhonda Stapleton.

Felicity Walker believes in true love.
"I think everyone has a match out there -some people just need a little help finding that special person" - Felicity
She got a job as a cupid. Yes! A Real Cupid. The one who shoots love arrows to someone chest and they instantly fall in love.  She even got a PDA to control and organise the information of her future clients and eligible couples. But because it is inconvenience using arrows in 20th century, emails make magic. When she send emails to respective people, those two  people will fall in love instantly, in two weeks, under the magic spell. If after two weeks, the couple stay with each other, Felicity work is complete and she can increase her couple quota for a week and also her weekly salary.

She started off with coupling two random people in her school, just to see how the magic works. With three common interests, she sent emails to Britney Nelson and Matthew Cornwall and let the magic begin. The next day, they started smooching around the school corridor and ignored everybody else like there were only the two of them in the school. Felicity feel satisfied of her achievement and went along with her life. The downside of being a cupid were she can't tell anyone, she was a cupid, she can't pair herself and she can't pair people more than two person at a time, like three boys and a girl.
However the last rule was based on gut and Felicity had been told to follow her gut thus she did. She tried partnered her bestfriend, Maya Takahashi with three boys at one time and it ended up disastrous. All three boys confessed to Maya  at the  same time, in public and got into fight with each other. That project of pairing Maya was unsuccessful. Felicity knew she was wrong.

This book has two sequels and I just read the first  one. Thus I didn't know what happen with Andy and Felicity lovelife. However reading a life of cupid sounded interesting to me.  She got everyone background and can do like spy work to find the common interests between two people and working that out just brings more fun. You know people sometimes do need help in their love life. Either to find a perfect partner or just an eternal partner. Either way love brings happiness and that happiness that we want to feel in our life even for a moment.

A paragraph that I liked;
"...Andy ordered her black coffee, no sugar or creamer. Yuck, I don't know how she drank those. I'd be shaking like crazy from that much caffeine overload, not to mention be sick t my stomach. Plus. I like a bunch of sugar. But black coffee totally fit Andy's personality: straightforward with no messing around - what you see is what you get"
Same as me. I loves black coffee as much as I loves mineral water. There is sweetness after the bitter and that's how black coffee captivated my heart. The sweetness after bitter taste.

p/s: It's been 5 years and few months since last we met. Thanks for the memories. I miss us.

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