Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Series OF Books #Montacute House

Written by Lucy Jago

I have always been a fan of a mysterious and investigation like story and Montacute House didn't disappoint me. It was well written from the starting up to climax and till the end.

A story of a girl who lived with her mother, Anne Perryn who name was Cecily Perryn or Cess for short. Cess and her mother lived in a small stinky pig nest next to Montacute house. Montacute house belonged to Sir Montacute who was Cecily grandfather but without Cess knowning about it. It was a house where noblemen lives. It was so huge like a castle. The house contained lots of rooms with secret passages, really just like an old castle we used to watch in movies. Cecily worked as a kitchen girl and her job was to collect the eggs and cleaned up around the kitchen and backyard. She had a bestfriend name William Barlow. William worked as kitchen boy in a Montacute House too. Because William had a limp and got no friend that was why Cess became his friend. And they had been friend since Cess can ever remember.

Saturday, 1st May 1596, news about dead boy spread throughout the church and neighborhood. The dead body was black and blistered while  the tongue stuck from his mouth as if someone had tried to pull it out. Cess and Williamm heard of it however they knew it wasn't like what everyone thought of. The  Devil, that was what that claimed. The Devil killed the boy. William believed it was because of sickness as William always wanted to be a physicist one day. He wanted to cure people using herbs and science. However because of his family condition and people who thought someone cured diseases using herbs were witches and witches were compulsory to be killed at the time made William's ambition like a dream that will never come true. Cess had another friend, a special friend Edith. Edith was a witch herself. A good one. Cess spirit came to Edith and Alathea. That was what they told Cess because Cess had experience something she can't explain very well. She felt that she flew upward but her body was still on the ground. That was the time Edith and Alathea called Cess's spirit. They had work to do, to complete, before it's to late. Edith and Alathea believed there was something happening with the church and it was a bad matter. They felt strong energy from Cess that can help them with the mystery.

Turned out Cess was a witch herself. That known along the way when William had disappear  and project of finding William was on. Cess bravely tried to tacked  down William whereabouts and followed a young merchant to sell his products at nearby village. Then Cess had been kidnapped and ended in a stinky filthy room. She heard people talking and they talked about her. The had mistaken her with a boy because Cess wore a boy boots and wrapped herself with large jacket and a cap. With her short hair, it was easy to mistaken her with a boy. And she heard that the one who took her said that they can't brake the rules of this project. There should no be girl been sacrifice. Cess astounded! Maybe she can find William in here. She tried to get out of the room and suddenly she heard a cough sound. She tried to focus and saw a shadow. It was William. So thin like there was only bone and skin.

She found out what was the reil intention of this "sacrifice project" and contacted Edith and Alathea. Then their mission of rescuing William and put a stop to the project began. There are a lot of adventure described in the story. The adventure of Cess tried to escaped from the locked filthy room and then came back to rescue William and then be a bait to the church organisation and helped the witches to a war. It was so intense I need  to take several days of rest just to digest all the information and be ready to continue the journey. An 12 year-old girl who is a witch and put herself into war. That was magnificent That was adventurous. And somehow I wish I can be that adventurous . Well if you didn't start the how it can happen, right? I love the novel very much and still trying to  find more mystery genre  that I really enjoy reading it. That's not much, I've tried.

p/s: Thanks Asyraf for this book as a farewell gift. I enjoyed it very much. While wearing the mask. haha

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