Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sketch Pendek 1

Pasti bahagia kalau berdua
Kata mereka
Pasti gembira kalau bercinta
Kata mereka
* * *
Sedih dengan kata-kata
Kata aku
Akhirnya mereka menangis
Nampak aku
* * *
Tapi itu bahagia
Itu cinta
Itu kehidupan
Dan aku gembira
Kerana mereka bahagia
Kerana mereka bercinta
Dan kerana mereka hanya rekaan
Rekaan untuk menggembirakan hati aku
Aku yang mencari kebahagiaan sementara
Dalam dunia rekaan yang dimainkan oleh mereka
* * *

I'm currently watching a new kdrama and so frustrated with the plot line cause it is so true and hurtful and full of mean words. Why get into relationship if you can't trust each other, why you misunderstood each other if you can communicate. Please be in love with each other. Don't hurt each other. Cause you have no other than each other. Spread the love in whatever relationship you are into. 
Currently, I'm with books. 

p/s: Don't stop communicate with each other. Talk everything out, crystal clear. Be happy, everybody.

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