Friday, 26 February 2016


Last night I dreamt about a guy. A guy name France. He asked "You don't remember me?". I was confused because I never met someone like him. He was smiling. A big smile. He is an asian who speaks english very well and I assume he stays in English country. I was in my bedroom, sleeping, but being disturbed by noise from party. While I was closing my window thats when I saw him. Then I invited him and his friends inside. I made them coffee and while I was trying so hard to remember him, he was beside me, smiling again. The feeling I felt was like he is my love one. He tried to explain to me where we met, how we met, and who he really is. Then I went to sleep. Sleep in sleep. The next day, I went somewhere, same as him and his friends. Then while I was out, one of his friends stopped me and said that he was sad because I don't remember him and don't wanna spend time with him. I got really confused. Who was this guy?! I don't really know. I continued walking, leaving the friend behind and I saw him at the road. Looking at me with his happy and at the same time sad eyes. He came to me and I tried to act cool. He asked again "You don't know me?". Because he is one hella handsome tall guy like my ideal guy with chinese look, I gave in. I nodded and accepted that he is my boy. It felt real until I woke up for dawn.
Who are you?

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