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A Series of Books #Thanks for The Memories

Another story beautifully written by Cecelia Ahern.
'Cecelia Ahern is a queen of the modern fairy tale' - Irish Times
It doesn't matter if the magazine quotes were real or not because it is true. While I was reading it, I was truly mesmerised of her writing style. "Close your eyes and stare into the dark". What would you see? A black surrounding but as you look deeper, you will see a big picture of your world. Where it brings you to your memories, past and present. And you start thinking, contemplating.

Joyce Conway lost her child when she fell down from stairs in her house while rushed to get the phone. That incident led to another three incident;

  1. The divorce
  2. New unrecognisable memories
  3. Desired path
The news of  her losing the unborn child, made her rethink 10 years of  marriage and she found out that she and her husband, Conor didn't love each other anymore. Or to be exact she didn't love Conor / never love Conor. The first thing Joyce did when she get out from hospital was cutting her hair short. Short like a guy and there she met Justin Hitchcock. A divorcee gentleman with one daughter named Bea. Justin lives in London and have business related in Dublin and that's why he always in Dublin. On the event of  Joyce met Justin in barber shop, she thought for a second that she felt familiar with Justin. The indescribable feeling made her stop and looked at Justin, tried to recognise Justin's face and recalled maybe she had meet this guy before. Justin felt the same thing. He kind of recognise Joyce from before but not really knew her. That  was  the first meeting.

Life went on, with Joyce told Conor that she wanted four months of separation and then divorced. Which made Conor speechless because it was their first dinner after the incident and that was the first thing that Joyce told him. He cannot understand her as Joyce herself cannot understand herself. She was so depressed with the situation and wanted to be alone, pitying her self, as much as she can. Conor always went overseas for  business trip and she knew it didn't have anything to do with her decision to get divorce. While talking, suddenly she felt something in her throat and she choked. They made chaos in the restaurant. Doris helped Justin tried to pump his chest and get rid of whatever that was choking him. Conor surprised as he and Joyce didn't eat anything yet as they just likely to order food. Joyce surprised with herself too. 

Now do you understand what happened?

Joyce experienced whatever happened to Justin, sometimes. Like the choking incident. Not just that, Joyce gained Justin's memories. She saw a girl twirling in her pink tutu at park. She didn't know who the girl was. And those kind of memories kept coming back. It flashed like flash cards. However Justin didn't experienced any of this thing, like gained Joyce's memories or felt what Joyce felt. Joyce tried to figure this things out and Frankie and Kate, hes bestfriends since young helped her all the way long. With their sarcasm and their life problems, they still helped Joyce unsolved her mystery. Joyce always ended up went to places that Justin went to. For example, Bea ballet show in London where Joyce decided spontaneously to bring her dad, Henry with her to see the show. And she indeed saw Justin but didn't have the chance to meet him. Bea met Henry and Joyce and told Joyce about how Justin donated blood and wanted the person who used his blood thanked him by bringing him coffee in the morning, take his laundry, give him a basket full of muffin and also a front row ticket for orchestra. She learnt that from Bea and started her project of thanking him by doing all of the stuff. Justin shocked as he didn't know who did that but still play along and the moment of truth came.

Joyce gave 2 tickets front row for orchestra but Justin asked her to accompany him (without knowing that Joyce did all the fairy godmother thingy). Joyce wanted to meet him and tell him that she did all of those thing and properly saying thank you by saving her life. Indeed he saved her. When she fell, she loss lots of blood and she thought that Justin's blood had been transfused to her and that's why she gained Justin's memories, abilities, taste and knowledge. Joyce can speak Latin and Spanish without knowing it she can. She had wide information and knowledge about arts and architecture. She even know about history. Thanks to Mr Hitchcock. :) 

Nonetheless, the night where Joyce supposed to meet up with Justin in the theater, on the evening while trying to shop a new dress, she met Justin, Doris and Al (Justin brother) and Doris asked Joyce to go out for a date with Justin and Kate said yes. That night she contemplated on either to go to the theater or dinner in a hotel. Same with Justin. Finally, she decided to go the theater and Justin to the hotel. They thought they have been stood up by each other. Well logically only Joyce knew that she was the one who will be meeting with Justin either at the theater or in the hotel but Justin didn't know that. He just knew Joyce and still finding who was the one behind all the good thing he had been received.   

This story ends with they were both together but how the story developed moved me. How can someone gained memories of someone else through blood transfusion. Kate said that (through her research ) that blood store memories and that somehow how it happened (it quite confusing). Joyce learnt about Justin through his memories. Memories mean a lot to me. I still learn from the memories. Either to accept it as it is or try to put a meaning onto it. Why some of the memories would kill us (emotionally or maybe physically) and others we just completely forget about it. What's with memories? Why we hold onto it? Whatever it is, thanks for the memories. The memories of my first time, the good one and bad, memories that bring smile and tears, memories that maybe until I die I still don't know why I still remember it.

The one paragraph that I love:
...It occurs to me how close happiness and sadness are. So closely knitted together. Such a thin line, a thread-like divide that in the  midst of emotions, it trembles, blurring the territory of exact opposites. The movement is minute, like the thin thread of a spider's web that quivers under a raindrop. Here in my moment of unstoppable cheek- and stomach-aching laughter, as my body rolls around, my stomach clenched, all the muscles taut, my body jumps about, is racked by emotion and therefore steps ever so slightly over the mark, into sadness. Tears of sadness gush down my cheeks as my stomach continues to shake and ache with happiness... How similar emotions are.
It is true, How similar emotions are.

p/s: again, thanks for the memories.

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