Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Series of Books #How To Fall In Love

Finished university brought me to think what appropriate next step. I know I should continue learning and hell yeah I am but what to do in between getting a job. For now I am sitting in front of my laptop and writing a blog. I have come up with #EndOfDegreeLifeProject tag and I want to fill my spare time with anything that I wanna do for so long which I cannot do while I was studying. So one of it is reading books in my leisure time.
Books that I pick for myself, that I wanna invest my money and time into it. Books that can cheer me up, fill me with indescribably feelings, like falling in love, feeling romantic and happy in a way that I understand. I always love romantic theme story books from disney classic princesses stories to vampire love stories. I chose an author that I love the writing style the most and it is Cecelia Ahern. 

The book that I last read title How To Fall In Love. Indeed it sounds like a know-how book and that was how the writing style for this book. 27 ways explained by Christine Rose how to fall in love and I love each and one of it. A life told by Christine Rose who is a job recruiter and rely fully on know-how books, literally for everything. From How To Fired Your Employer In A Polite Way, to How To Help People With Suicidal Thoughts. 
"They say lightning never strikes twice. Untrue." - Christine Rose
She encountered three suicidal events, accidentally.The second one was how the story developed. He saved Adam Basil ("With Basil, You Dazzle" his family's company motto :D) from jumping into the river from a bridge. She tried her best to keep Adam on his feet because the first suicidal event, Simon Conway shot himself when Christine thought she already got him away from the suicidal thought. She doesn't want the same thing happen to this stranger, Adam, thus she kept Adam from jumping until gardai (police I guess) came. And with that she promised Adam to show him how beautiful the life can be in two weeks, just before his 35th birthday. She will show him herself and that was the story started. She used her How To collections to help Adam dearly and in the process she can't help herself from not fall in love with Adam. Adam is a charming guy who has everything, I mean everything. He is a good-looking-big-builder-body-rich-guy. I imagined him so British style with sweet smile, and oh he has bleached original hair. You know those kind of British handsome guy we saw in TV. *shy smile  Adam's life is a bit complicated where he wanted to make a surprise event by proposing his fiancee ended up with surprised how his gf was already in relationship with his best friend. He needed to take over his family company because of internal family problem which he doesn't want to cause his heart belongs to Coastal Guard where he can fly in chopper saving people lives. Irony. He grown up without his mom and insanely greedy sister with strict farther in a mansion bigger than White House (see? A British family. BTW is Dublin a Europe country? I hate geography. Christine and Adam doesn't keep secrets from each other, a rule they made for Christine to help him. Adam wanted few things from Christine; getting his gf back, Maria and get his job back in Coastal Guard but in the same time not lose the company to unwanted people. With these two goals, Christine learnt Adam's (in a hard tiring ways) life and prepared a strategy/plan to avoid suicidal thoughts. One of the strategy was Write 5 Things You Feel Grateful In Life Everyday and by the time of his 35th birthday he would has 70 things that he grateful for than reasons for him to kill himself. They did everything together. Everything in two weeks time. And by the time for his birthday celebration, he announced that he want the job in his family's company and okay to let Maria goes. 


Because he loves his life now. Everything. Because he experienced it with a person that made his life enjoyable and brings happiness and joy. He wouldn't go back to Maria as they are different people now. Strangers with history. He wanted the Basil Company because he wanted to prove to himself that he worth it. Christine gave hopes and achievable dreams for him to experienced and he loves Christine for everything that she possessed. Unique characteristics and How To collections. 

This story wasn't just about romance but a How To as well. How To that, How To this. I wanna help myself in every way that I can. Sometimes feeling worthless and don't know what to do about it makes me stuck in this time. In this minute. People seems moving forward with works, love, ideas. I still don't know if I'm worthy something. I'm still finding what is the thing that I good at. These constant line of doing  nothing gives me more time to reflect anything that I can think of about my life. Books is one escapism for me (other than k-world and music and games). To escape from real life cause I don't feel like I can function well in real life. Reading fiction books help me calm down and think. It does help. Really. 

P/S: Let's try our best, Yasmin.

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