Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A new 20s

Its the time of the year again!! A day where I want to spend all day with myself and some people.
Year 2016 opens a new chapter of Yasmin's life. My 2015 completed with a few achievement like finishing degree, hands on experience with not-so-good final year project, made some new friends and making memories. Lots of memories with important people. Important for me.

Because I only left with 11 days before facing a new challenge in Malaysia, I have a food list to be completed and I'm satisfied with the list for now. :) I spent it with my beloved. I'm gonna miss NZ so much although it only took 3 years of my life but I enjoyed it so much here.

January 6th 2016 gave me a starter to reconsider my ambition, life goals, and future path. There is so much I wanna do after finishing degree although I'm honestly the moment where I would go through pages by pages just to understand a topic of thermofluids, or doing some extra reading on materials subjects while watching kpop and finishing my math assignments (I love maths so much I don't mind doing maths till  I die).  I'm still thinking of what actually really truthfully I wanna do as my professional job. Engineer?? Absolutely!(?) What kind of? I asked myself or I wanna go travelling? Volunteering? Working closely with people? I'm still searching, cause the end of the day I need to decide for myself, right? 3 years of degree in overseas were a happy journey (in short) for me. Well I can't avoid making some people hate me here and there and hating people in return, can I? I certainly will come back to NZ, love the place, the atmosphere, the culture, the food and as well the people.

So for my birthday, I scheduled myself to have a coffee in the morning (outside but I woke up late so) still homemade coffee, then indulged myself with kdrama and kshow and night with some kpop. I wanna spend the day with someone that I want but nature has it owns plan. It doesn't go well w my plan but its fine, I still enjoying my special day.

Special thanks to my 3 years housemate, without you I might actually curse people around haha, and my two other a month housemate but more like kakak and abang. Having both of you and staying with you guys taught me a lot about being a 20s teen. Kamsahabnida kak Hanan, Kak Andi, Abang Amir. I genuinely surprised with surprise party u guys made. I seriously overlooked everything yesterday. LOL

Thanks for the wishes Ibu, Eizzat and along. Well ayah might be forgot to wish me and adik is away in school, but that's fine. We are family. Everyday is a special day for us. I bought so much for each of you guys so expect something when I return home. And not to forget Kak Didi, thanks so much for willing to guide me along this 3 years in NZ with usrah and I know somehow I might not be a good sister and usrahmate but I don't think you mind, right??? A big thank you for you. My other usrahmate thanks for staying with me, Kak Nazza (you must be so busy sampai lupa wish birthday saya hehehe).

Few pictures of  the special day:

Should have discover this place earlier. The food were superb! 

Happy faces of pre-birthday celebration. Thnaks!

Hungry faces of post-birthday celebration.
Korean Dinner (met my oppa ^^! after awhile)

I was truly surprise (nampak tak tutup2 pipi haha)

P/S: I should have confess to you that night but I felt inferior because of the two girls. I used to have crush on you. I wish I can tell you one fine day. :)
P/S/S: thanks 2015 for the memories. Alhamdulillah.

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