Friday, 9 October 2015

My Story

Facebook memories give me chances to self-rediscovery and learn how time change me as I grow old and mature. Or am I? With all weird, high self-esteem kind of posts with stupid grammar mistakes self-centered problem. One think that I wonder, how can I lost my confidence level? What happen in between cause I didn't realise it. Nonetheless, I'll try to improve myself better. And below is a TIMELINE of my one-sided love with an amazing person that I met and that person was one of the reasons I made it to New Zealand. One of the reasons. 

Started from the day I saw your back figure in orientation week, introduced by one of my friend until the day I realised you found your partner. 4 years journey. I regret it to not confessing but at the end of the day, if we are meant to be, we will be. Thanks for being one of a motivational figure in my study life. Another 1 week until the end of my degree!

Oct 9 2015   #37 It's the end of our story.
Nov 11 2011 #36 i guess u feel what i feel
                   #35 Well..I think u just shy ryte??^^
                   #34frustrated first, u ignore me and now u leave me??why? u should say it to                        me u are going at least.
                   #33 hurmm...please tell me u wont go till the next2 year.
                   #32 ermm..we saw each other but nothing happen. I wonder why.
                   #31 terima kasih kamu.
                   #30 one day u come and the other??urm..unpredictable lah...
                   #29 I just let it go.(like always)
                   #28 errr...u lied to me indirectly :(
                   #27 maybe Im different but u treated me different than that a sign?
                   #26 know what?u just make my days colorful since that night^^
                   #25 im happy that u are happy
                   #24 you just wanna make me jealous ryte?
                   #23 Even I go that far but my heart remained here with u.
                   #22 A night that I gained my confident level to u~
                   #21 You came and went away??
                   #20 Sometime its awkward.
                   #19 I felt it. like again
                   #18 huh..what a coincidence
                   #17 even you are beside me but stil iam already over you
                   #16 I bet u know me
                   #15 Go Go Away, Come Again Another day ^^
                   #14 Keep believing
                   #13 Its done
                   #12 believe me we can go nowhere but up
                   #11 He noticed my behaviour
                   #10 We went to the next level
                   #9  Do u catch a breath when I look at u? Are you holding back like the way I                            do?
                   #7  Sometimes its fun to see ur smile ear-to-ear
                   #7  Indescribable feeling. Now Im in a whole new world with you
                   #6  When you smile you make me feel like to sing along
                   #5  I have a heart too that can break in two like everybody else
                   #4  Mungkin hari esok kan bertemu lagi
                   #3  Indahnya suasana kita di hari ini
                   #2  Teman Tapi Mesra
July 27 2011#1  Hari ini kau datang riang tersenyum buat ku senang

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