Tuesday, 27 October 2015


The journey of 6 months of a fragile project doesnt go smooth as I expected.

Started with bit of introduction laughs and small talks.

Continue with brainstorming and unexpected acceptance of solutions.

Strengthen with words of courage and trust.

Facing the first challenge of mistake.

A first sorry and guilty spoken.

Came the second mistake of stupidness and ignorance.

Sarcasm hit me hard in the heart.

Design failure was not what I expected. Third mistake.

Encouragement words. New knowledge learnt. Ball bearing design skill.

The challenge kept continue with slipping shaft.

Found, it was wrong from the beginning. The design.

Guilty, foolishness,annoyance,  embarrassment, waste of time.

Hundreds of sorry told. Hundreds of self-blaming. A regret.

Fully supported from supervisor. With bad news. All his research were going to be my data. Waste of his skills, money, time and energy.

Conclusion. A loser is made out of 6 months project. A final year engineering student loser who cant even understans why we need to use washer when the njt changed. Who cant even understand how the design mechanically worked. Who cant even face her own mistake because she acknowledged how stupid she was from the beginning.

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