Thursday, 27 August 2015

Science Fiction

Lets talk about several movies with sci-fi genres. Already listed in your mind dont you? Well I do too. Everyone does I think for the science lovers like us. Somehow being in the science field makes me think about how future will be one day? Is it like what we see from the ads or we have so different kind of future in our head. Instead of flying cars how about underground traffic where we travel only underground like subway and on the exist road is only for walking, or bicycle? I dont know what will be and for now I dont have any ideas of future. However I do love the concept of trying to design one future. Like you try to make whatever you thinks its right, happen. I dont really like the idea of everything is robotise like have a robot maid or robot partner unless for the aid of human. Didnt we make robot so that it can help us doing our activity more efficiently? Like robotic worker for nuclear and radiation factory or hazard substances factory.

I picture my future as there will be less war and more intelligent human that thinks improvement of human is better than rapid advance in technology. At least people have a place to call home in properly manner. A building, room or space that sufficient for him. Not a building that cant be bother to be buy because its too expensive and at the end of the day no one buy the whole neighborhood. What a waste of materials, human strength, land and money. Where maybe all those sources can be supplied to other stuff like building a school or hospital.

I love discussing any topic with anyone but introvert me doesnt socialising very much. And it is hard to find a person to discuss and talk about anything. I always end up finding a medium to engage with people like youtube comment space, articles comment space or I guess one of my classmate. And it doesnt satisfy me to keep on and on talking about it. Because people have different thought on different thing. I follow few youtube channel that discussing about any article that sent to them and I love engaging with that kind of discussion or talk show. Its fun, its relax and informal. 

When I try engaging with my own style, people doesnt seem to like it and it drift people away from me. And it is impacting me badly. Well its hard for me to talk with other people again. 

Nonetheless, getting back to future that we want, I wonder how can I improve myself to be in that society. Science-aware society. I love science, math and discussing about it. And Im trying harder to be one so called scientist/engineer.

So how about you?

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