Monday, 5 January 2015

The 22nd.

Lets look back to a year ago where I thought summer practical in New Zealand was awesome (and i still think) but I just don't have the luck. Experiencing summer, holiday to be exact, alone is not a good plan. But i survived the loneliness and that temporary emptiness, thank Lord. I enjoyed three night straight of korean music awards and celebrating a quiet peaceful new year alone with myself. I always think "yourself is your strongest support" . Spent totally a lot of time with myself made me trying so hard to make myself happy. I tried to impressed myself, to attract myself to be with me. It is a common saying "you are going to spend your entire life most with yourself so make yourself funny to be with" thus I experimented several things that I think I would enjoy most. Then school started and forever life annoying drama. I dont recall much about first sem however second sem brought more joy. Well obviously because I enjoyed the winter trip and also end year mechanical project. I love to be in their company, less drama, less stress. Alas, I wont forget accompany by those supportive girls that I cherished, my family in the island of lamb, sheep and cows. It just undescribeable how they wilingly to play with me and enjoy my presence. A sister, big sister to me. Every night that we spent together, every cup of coffee that we love with all our heart, every gossips that we could talk all day, every random jokes, everything just  mean so much to me.

A year before, on this date, I celebrated a simple night out birthday (and today I would love to do the same but just wait till this march. : ] )
A year before, on this date, I was a year younger.
A year before, on this date, I was a year unmature.
A year before, on this date, I felt less confident.
And today, I feel grateful of what I already have been through.
And today, I feel more confident to achieve my infinite dreams.
And today, I want to make myself happier than before.

So much love Yasmin from 6th Jan 2015 to the 22nd me. I love you and only me can love you more than any human on earth and a bit less than He. Be happy, make choices, experience more, fall in love, love others, fear Him and stay pretty.

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