Monday, 12 January 2015

Final Moment.

She stunned. Her mind was blank.
He felt like a lump in his throat. Speechless. It was unimaginable day. He knew. She knew.
It was undeniably true.
She kept reading it. Between the lines hoping for nothing. It was crystal clear.
No need further explanation.
He searched for her eyes.
Her eyes that once he awkwardly find. She avoided the stare. It made her tongue tied.
She gathered her courage. Spoke up her mind. She missed the time of enjoying looking at each other eyes.
The moment of learning each other mind.
As the time went by, as the love got high, her eyes wandered every place.
Straying from the love of hers.
He kept looking at her.
He kept looking at her. With love and tender.
She asked for his hand. To be held for once again. To appreciate this final moment.
He held her hand as swift as the light, soft as cotton, tight as baby held his mothers'.
He kept looking at her. How grateful he was for as long as he can remember.
How thankful he was for the moment of love he cherished.
A drop of tear flowed slowly at the edge of her nose. It felt warm.
A tear full of unspoken words.
A tear of love.
He wiped gently. Like they shared the sadness of parting.
She thanked him and ask for forgiveness. As like she had a mountain of regrets with forests of joy and happiness that have been natured for months.
She hugged him. For she thought this hug will tied them in the space of where there was only two of them. At once she let go.
It was saddening. Looking at pearls in her eyes. Unconciously he kissed her.
In mind, he wanted her tears dry. He kissed her once. Four lips touched. It's not lust. It was love. Potrayed by two heart with a quick kiss.
She mesmerised. She felt all her emotions have been transfered. She opened her hands, asking for another warm hug.
He hugged her tightly. Repeated kisses planted on her cheeks. So that, he ensured all the kisses wiped away her tears.
They exchanged tight hug. Familiar hug that will be remembered until the end.
A relationship started with nervous heart, awkward smile, small talks but pure desire.
To love and to be loved.

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