Thursday, 4 September 2014

6 Days of Truth

After a year of staying here in New Zealand, this is the first time I went for myself trip. Well, obviously I'm not go alone but this-is-the-first-travel-with- friends, I put it this way. Planning on went around from Hamilton-Matamata-Tauranga-Rotorua-Taupo-Whakapapa-Taumarunui-Raglan-Hamilton, but I guess after 5 days slept in every condition that exist with chilly wind of New Zealand, (its still winter tho) 6 days its enough. No more tent or camp food or cold or frostbite or numb hands/legs although it's truly adventure go back to nature. There were two drivers thus its easier for me to drive anywhere, I mean it doesn't matter if we go to several places in a day. But eventually the other driver, drove 4 out of 6 days. Sorry mate, I enjoyed being your co-pilot. Till now, New Zealand nature still amaze me. In every way. I understand how tiring it gets hiking and camping, tho the road to reach one to another place shown you how great The Creator is. I found peace and pleasure in just listened to chirping birds in the morning, quacking ducks, it  flowing river as lullaby, starry nights, whispering wind. How possibly can one overlook all these beautiful creatures. I may not talk about it that much, just how pleasant it can be sharing all these wonderful stories with someone, I wonder. I really want to bring my parents stay in New Zealand. I want them have a healing life till the end. And I want to be part of it. Enough with the emotional part, lets start with the pictures now. 

1. Welcome to HOBBITTON everyone ^^

2. Remember the old grumpy lady sweeping her front yard while looking at Gandalf? I think this is her house.

3. The SHIRE!! and its known that there is no frog in that pool but they put it there then because its too noisy, the caught it again -,,-

4. There! There! Samwise Gamgee The Brave house :)

5. And this is the Bilbo Baggins house!! and not to forget our Mr Frodo!

6. Obviously Im not the Hobbit. hee

7. I don't remember what it's call but its near the bridge and Dragon Alley (?) 

8. The field they did Bilbo's birthday celebration!


 Then the HOBBITTON tour is done. Next.

10. Our first tent ever built at Lake Okareka and thanks to me, haha
11. Second day is our Adrenalin's day. Its adrenalin Forest. Very alike Startrex at Shah Alam but with so much Adrenalin Rush.

12. That's me doing the 4 pathway which is like the sudden jump from the other 3. its totally hard because of the height.

13. This obstacle call Island Jump and she had a hard time there while i watched from afar. Like they didn't move at all. Btw, that's her second jump.
 Then, its the Redwood Park. It once bring into New Zealand for furniture purpose but it grows differently here so tho wood isn't suitable thus it remains as tourist park also for tramping, hiking and horse trekking.

Afterwards, Huka Falls. I always wonder is it really blue? and how blue is its blue? And I got to see it!!

Then is the Fearless Sail. I say its so cold and windy, well I missed my bubble. It sailed and brought us to the Maori's carving which I dont have the pictures as the camera shut down. Great timing aye? Its my
first time on yacht and indeed is beautiful. I guess sailing would be my next hobby?

 There is no more photo taken after this day unless using instax. Thanks babes accompany me made another memories here in New Zealand. Its precious and priceless.

p/s: They did met someone but for me I prefer to stay shut. hee
p/s/s: #2PM is having their comeback on 10th sept,lets #GOCRAZY with them should we?

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