Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The 2011

The first memory was your smile.
But you aren't alone.
You with someone. Your partner.
I love seeing people smiles. As if they are on the peak of their life.
Where everything seems fine and perfect and enough.
You were one of them.
It doesn't bother me but I enjoyed being there.
Absorbed the positive energy from everyone.
Maybe its life pattern, I kept seeing you after that.
In a good way.
Our life crossed. Coincident? I don't believe that.
I took it as circle of life. However, you weren't acknowledge my presence.
I understand we weren't at the same level. I mean your lifestyle.
I'm attracted to your attitude, How on earth, there is still exist people of your kind.
Unconsciously, I followed your updates.
Unconsciously, I interested about your past life.
I looked it up, friends and stuff.
One day, I found you weren't in relationship. But, I'm not into that.
It's interesting how your live day by day.
I wonder have you ever have a thought to be common.
I wonder what are you thinking, then and now.
Can I have at least a piece of your mind about a random topic?
I envy your happiness. Isn't because I'm not happy.
Is because I ponder can I make someone smile so sincerely like yours?
Is because I keep question myself, have I bring happiness towards people around me?
Is because I'm afraid I won't bring merry to others.
Slowly, I'm learning about you.
Calmly, I'm trying to have your positive character planted inside me.
Its a long lonely journey.
Of me and you.

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