Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cape Reinga

Never thought of two days trip gonna give so much to reflect. Indeed, I'm satisfied with myself, drove to/from Northland for 8 hours and it's tiring. God knows. It was my first time in 20 years of living watched sunset and it was on the Northest part of Northland. That scene, that moment was perfectly romantic and I can feel love in the air. People came with their loves one, family, partner, colleagues, girlfriends and boyfriends. Every moment is perfect. It is when you claim it.  The sun that not look like a sun. It looked like a giant red ball shined at the end of the ocean where lies under it two oceans. It was so beautiful, so magnificent, so great to describe by words. Painting painted by The Creator. Nature, the perfect painting that eyes can see. That night was so inviting for us to enjoy the sky. Sleep with the sound of waves. it mesmerize. The pitch black night with cloudless sky accompanied our subuh prayer. Tingling light of stars, you found yourselves so small like a baby in the crib with mobile plays again and again.

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