Wednesday, 19 March 2014

19th March 2014 : Lunchtime Recital Series

This post may not amuse you but I watched a saxophone performance for such a long time I didn't. Hanumi Saxophone Quartet what they called of themselves. A set of baritone, soprano, alto, and tenor. They performed 6 pieces and it such a wonderful I can watch their performance. They started with Quartette (1879) by Caryl Florio and end with 6 Bagatelles. The one that I enjoyed much was Three Preludes (1926) by George Gershwin. With his Jazz-influneced, he combined classical style in his pieces. I found it fascinating and it harmonise beautifully in its own way. Rhapsody in Blues and An American in Paris are the two famous masterpieces of his. I may say now, Gershwin is one of my new drug. His appealing jazz-tinged melodies make you move your head. I'm looking forward to watch more of arts performance after this. Today was my first and it isn't gonna be the last, I assure myself.

I have never hate orchestra or symphony or instrumental music since young. I really wanna watch it in real life and living in overseas made my dream comes true. I don't listen to whatever song they make this day (unless if it's my korean bias) and I hope I would listen more to instrumental in the future rather than music with lyrics. cause it's only "irama dan lagu tidak dapat dipisahkan" said by late P.Ramlee. but not the lyrics. I'm enjoying it. It's like the music talks to me and towards each other too. Pretty aye? 

This is one of the things I do and appreciate while I'm staying in New Zealand, doesn't mean I ignore my faith. Just to be clear here. How about give it a try to listen to George Gershwin masterpieces for awhile? 

Happy listening.
Happy living the life.

Rhapsody in Blue

An American in Paris

p/s: May you choose your life more wisely and be less regretful in afterlife. 

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