Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wish you are my love

i don’t know myself very well either
i didn’t know that i would be like this
flustered, carefully, i keep calling only you

even if you urge my heart like this, if you brush by my side
and laugh like that, i can’t do anything
no matter how many times i tell myself it’s not love
i laugh by myself.. what am i supposed to do with myself

i wish you’re my love.
come to me now
i get excited with me knowing it
i’m like this today too
even though i’m just a lucky star to you,
must i really say it’s love for you to know
i long for it this much..
the person that i’ll promise with forever
is you

although my love is still awkward.. if by any chance you can hear my heart
if it’s different from “i’m sorry”, give me a smile
the words that i stayed up all night preparing to confess to you
don’t come out when i’m standing in front of you

feel this heart of mine
that longs for only you
my love..

i wish you’re my love. let’s love now
say goodbye. i can’t deceive you
now give me permission, so i can gather courage today
if your heart is the same as mine, if you want me
please come to me. let’s start together now.

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