Thursday, 16 January 2014

"Isn't she lovely?"

One of the 13, "Find your happiness before anything else". Everything else aren't the thing that make you happy,  yourself feel the happiness first and other will fall into places. By getting something is your happiness and then you shouldn't have it. The last time I felt truly happiness was on that one night, while walking with her. I told her how grateful I was. Nothing to worry. Not even a single point. I have everything I need. I will never forget that feeling. I'm in quest to find it again. To feel happy again. Indeed, world is a prison for believer but doesn't He gave life to live happily while learn? While be a better for the world after? Isn't He? Am I at the point where everything is worrying? Depression. Some nights I can't sleep cause I keep thinking about every single thing. Even I dream about it. They said if I need something because of me not because of it and it's better not to have it. 

p/s : What do you think of me?
p/s/s : "Isn't she lovely?"

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