Thursday, 2 January 2014

3 Days Before...

Its been 3 years since I declared myself as faithful Hottest. I learnt them bit by bit. It has been a long time since I learnt people that much. with passion, patience and love. I feel their presence in absence. Which makes me love them more and more. Loving a person that you know you wont have its better than if there is hope. Hope, expectation hurts. I guess, I shared a lot with them unconsciously than a real person. It's better that way. At least they doesn't hurt me. I've fooled myself so many times that love unrealistic person is happiness. And now seems like I have fall in love again. The first time I saw them, their eyes attracted. Attract me to stick and watched. Their eyes burning with positive energy, I felt it. Those powerful Jekyl & Hyde dance made me stay. Stayed and watched their dance over again. Then I found On & On. Another speechless perfomance. I was on awe. I love dancing since kids. Another delusional hobby of mine. I wish I can dance, hip hop, that's the priority. Watch them dance made me feel like I can dance too. Now I think, I wanna be part time Starlight for my Vixx. It's not I'm done with 2PM, but people can't stand but fall in love right? The thing I find in knowing them is piece of ease. For the least they restrain me from doing bad stuff. I know, with respect to my religious, everything comes from Allah. And yet i've never denied that. Thanks for giving me opportunity to find these people and know them. have interest in them. A pleasure with difficulties. Am I gonna make  my first priority or my boys. Thanks again. Thanks for everything. Thanks for this life. 

p/s : I am a baby starlight. Other eunnie Starlight, please take care of me~ ^^
p/s/s : Am still a loyal Hottest that gonna support 2PM oppa~
p/s/s/s : Gomawo neumo, Thank  you my love.

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