Wednesday, 25 December 2013

One evening of Boxing Day

While experiencing summer of 2013, everyday, every each of unpredictable, doubtful day, it keeps linger around me; the thought of everything. World I mean. I felt sadness, happiness, tired, boring and even numb. What I wanna do for the next minute of my life. I used to watch people, observing but I don't have any desire to talk with people. As human, is one complicated system. But I learnt. A lot. More than before, I'm good in expressing myself. It doesn't matter if there will be someone listening, cause I don't care anymore. Enough if I can feel ease by thinking there is someone who keep listening. I won't bother people thought anymore as they didn't even care mine. I wanna be like the old me, a girl who live with her imagination and can smile living her beautiful life. Am I depending to anyone? Sure. I've depend too much on imagination. A fantasy that can bring me joy. I thought of lots of thing from me till them. And I guess I will just keep thinking as I feel comfortable this way. Even I care about people, they don't. 

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