Sunday, 14 April 2013

Patient is virtue.


"Kami tidak menciptakan Al Quran ini untuk kamu (Muhammad) untuk kamu menjadi susah"
"Tetapi untuk peringatan bagi mereka yang takut (kepada Allah)"
"iaitu diturunkan drpd Allah yang mencipta bumi dan langit yg tinggi"

Before this, when tadabbur-ing ayat, it left something. Felt something but when it recited in other way, insyAllah thats the way where Allah is talking to u, u feel something different. different than other time. These are the first four ayat of surah Taha that been sent to Rasulullah (S.A.W) at mekah while Rasulullah spread islam throughout arab nations. How people get dazzled by every ayat of Allah that has been recited to them either from Rasululah himself or any other muslim at the moment. even the two chief of qurasy that went to meet rasulullah to stop his da'wah been confused of whatever they heard from Rasulullah. They didnt know what to describe Rasulullah to gain trust from people that Rasulullah is a liar (subhanAllah). However bit by bit, the ayat confused them. Because even they have been taught that Rasulullah is the most kind, polite, humble, never speak lies and so high with morality. But then because of Rasullulah born in bani Hashim clan, the Qurasy hate him. People on that day, muslim on that very beginning of islam mostly from the slaves so the masters can torture them, kill them and do whatever they like just to make their people or slaves to give in and revert back to their religion. But the faith they had on Allah and Rasulullah were too high, too high to give in and because of they believe of heaven and hell, sin and reward, they know where they will ended up with. and because they have give all their hearts and soul to Allah azza wal jalla, they had nothing to fear despite Allah, Al Wahad. The strength of their heart just to believe in whatever Allah sent to them. In whatever Rasulullah said to them.


As what I can see from this sirah, how uneducated people can understand what is islam because they learn with heart and mind not with only mind. Educated here, I defined as people who go to school, who learn directly from a guru. Uneducated I defined as people who didnt go to school, as simple as that. But the only matters here is the knowledge with understanding, the way of thinking to differentiate between haq and batil. To justify the shahadatul haq, to know the purpose of living. To serve the One and Only master, Al Lahad. Allah has guided us in every area, from the self-building to make the world better for us to take so much 'bekalan'  for akhirat. Learn Al Quran with a guru, understanding the Al Quran with a guru, practice it with heart and soul and understanding that everything is for Allah. insyaAllah, everything is come from Him, the idea of writing this and insyaAllah everyone of us will get benefit from His creation in any possible ways.

p/s: Please watch Omarseries ^^. its awesome! and it will take someone to a level where u will start thinking.
p/s/s: At least it takes me.
p/s/s/s: think all over again of what purpose we live and still living at this very moment.

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