Monday, 25 March 2013



How am i suppose to say bout this, blue sky, chilly breeze, bright sunshine and ducks everywhere. To remember or not to remember. To see or not to see. To think or not to think. Its obvious how nature gives a calm atmosphere. Looking at all those thing, do we think about something? Is there anything that will cross our mind? Or it just a scenery that relaxing? Why in an empty small room we would start to think but not in a big comfy room full with soft stuff that we can lay back and rest. Serious thinking happen everyday, to you or to others. To reflect all the remaining memories to see the future. Do we complicated things, to make an excuse for ourself or do life is complicated by it self? Ever wonder when we think, are we relating stuff with other stuff, other people or we just think about ouselves? Is there any intersection points left for you to meet that one particular person that has been out from your life?
Or it isnt? Are we never going to meet that world star person because we have parallel life path? Are we? Do we? Will we? But when? Why? How? Who? Which?
Keep on thinking
Have benefit from it
Stay positive

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