Thursday, 14 March 2013

Force VS Sincere


Well we cant always looking back to our past but somehow we need to just to find a point that we wont end with again. Life is a circle but mistake is not. Human is very adaptive. Once u made a mistake and promise to not do it again, u would remember that mistake so that u can avoid it. However if u are simply take easy on ur mistake u will find urself keep repeating the same old mistake. Over and over again. And u actually didnt learn. One said that human can heal and hurt, and heal again and hurt again. When he heal, he can go thru the fire again. But a question raise where didnt it sounds like a habit to u? When u adapt with something and then u keep doing the same thing again just because u have heal, doesnt that mean u have made that a habit? Well for some reason i dont find this thing a good one. Maybe if it for a good purpose then its okay or else it isnt. Dont u think u fool urself again and again cause u know how it will end? OR
Looking at different perspective, can u be sincere on doing thing that u have been doing like everyday? O u just feel that u need to do it. Take solat as example. Do u think u can be sincere while performing it? Or u just feel its a must.

Dont we need to check on our niat then? Aim in life. Why actually i still breathing this free air and why im being here instead at the war, ready for battle. Against the kufur?

P/S: i think its lil bit weird about this post.

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