Sunday, 13 January 2013

6 Jan


In my eyes, it's gonna be a better day for beginning of the year. Lots of love come from everyone. Pictures, wishes, cakes, candies, laughters, happiness I may say. Never thought in 2013, i got complaints from mom. About one thing that I always fear off. Attitude. Manner. Why? Because she sad of how youth dress themselves in front of people. How they talk to elders. How they bring themselves in community. Every person has their own stands about attitude and why o why not they should this and that. I wonder, if u are that smart and that knowledgeable and why is u are presenting urself with tight skin clothes, skinny jeans? Where is ur pride to cover ur aurah. Mom knew she were not that 'alim but doesnt wear clothes that cover ur aurah is more way proper? Logically, dont u think? Wise man shows his intelligence through his appearance. No offence but that is true. I, myself not that pious but ive tried. He look on our effort to achieve it and not the result. Think my friends, think. With ur heart, with ur brain and not with ur lust or desire. Allah said,  shaytan cant get over His sincere worshipper and shaytan had promise that he will not influence Allah sincere worshippers. Dont u believe in Allah's words. The One and Only Lord?

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