Thursday, 15 November 2012

MUHARRAM. The beginning.


The first of Muharram. The beginning of flight Rasulullah SAW from Makkah to Madinah. This event, this date should be one of the memorable day for muslimin and muslimat as this was the first 'hijrah' of Rasulullah and where the spread of islam openly. Israeli is tried to change the fond memory of us about this date to a memory of blood flood in GAZA, our brothers, sisters' blood. our family. They tried to make us hate this date because lots of our family were syahid on this date. however, are they forget about what had been said by one of the prisoners of the war (asif, i cant remember who was him)  that Muslimin would only can be defeated through their belief and not by strength. are u really challenged us by ur strength? are u really confident with that? O munafiqun, israeli? u CANT touch us not in our heart, this war just makes us stronger. stronger than u ever know. STRONGER. Allah always be with us. All muslimin are united. yest not physically yet but we are united in our DU'A. The strongest weapon of muslimin; du'a. Nothing can beat our One and Only, Allah, our Creator. InsyaAllah, the winning will come to us sooner cause it His promise. and we never doubt that.
"(malaikat-malaikat) yang memikul Arasy dan (malaikat) yang di sekililingnya bertasbih dengan memuji Tuhannya dan mereka beriman kepadaNya serta memohonkan keampunan untuk orang yang beriman, seraya berkata; "Ya Tuhan kani, rahmat dan ilmu yang ada padaMu meliputi segala sesuatu, maka berilah keampunan kepada orang yang bertaubat dan mengikuti jalan (agama)Mu dan peliharalah mereka daripada azab neraka." (40:7)

Allah already told us that we arent alone in this world, we always have them(malaikat) and Him to protect us from anything. ANYTHING. as long as we believe in Him. Truly Believe. Subhanallah.

p/s: thought of continue with revision and aiming to put israeli down by intelligent and the unite of Muslimin,Mukminin.IAllah.

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