Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Expectation of Life


After we felt failure, an upcoming days will be another motivational time for us to stop look back and prepare ourselves fr next adventurous journey. Confidence in believing the unseen may boost us to reach success. Like the sahabah, in Tabuk war, one of the hardest war in Islam, and suddenly Rasulullah pbuh came and said to them, take note of what I'll be saying..1: I'll wafat. 2: Constantinople and Rome will be rule by islam. By then, sahabah asked "Which will be going down 1st Ya Rasulullah?" and he replied "it's Constantinople." Thus, sahabah kept in their heart and mind that Constantinople will go down, and after 800 days of that hadith, Sultan Muhammad AlFateh conquer that place. he was the great leader who lead the best team ever, that had come across the hadith of "the one who will conquer Constantinople is the best leader ever with the best team ever.". It is proven. All the hadith are coming through one by one, slowly. And how about the Rome? Ulama' said it isn't the empire but Rome=West power. As we can see, Islam nowadays on his way to win back the world slowly and cautionly and thats make west power going down. It isn't immortal. Allah has promised mukminin that Islam will win and now its just a matter of time and how confident we are on believing our Creator words. Keep Alqura, the holy book, close to our heart and insya'Allah we will see the light and the sign from him.

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