Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Are you happy or not?


It's 26 Ramadan. And for sure people right now are calculating about eid celebration. Check on raya checklist, is it the baju raya box has been ticked, is it the kueh raya has been bought, or the furniture, the cutlery and so on and so forth. Making a plan on where to go on 1st raya, 2nd raya etc. But are we forget that Ramadan is still our guest? Sounds familiar? *^^ how can we ignore our guess fr the upcoming guess? Doesn't that in islam, it tought u how to value our guess. So right now, do forget awhile bout the raya, cause it will come but do appreciate ramadan as maybe it will come again to u or it will MAY not. Allah holds our future and only he knows the plan. This is small remainder to myself, as passing to end of Ramadan, we barely do the terawih, qiamulail,.reciting Quran and its translation.also the good deeds where has been multiple on ramadhan month. Me, and all my brothers and sisters let's get back on track of ramadhan as we speed up our ibadah to gain Allah forgiveness of our life. And to get so much attention from him. Insya'Allah. Only He knows our marks in ramadhan either we fail or excel just ensure that we have become better from the last 11 Islamic month before. So, so long and farewell. Until the next post, insya'Allah.

p/s: pack schedule of 2nd sem. Homai

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