Thursday, 28 June 2012

A day with SMILE


Thought of having great time with cousins, aunties, uncles and all during kenduri was always in my mind everytime momma said we were going back home. Malays culture, they love to help people whenever others need a help like during the feast. For Javanese, we called it as 'Rewang'. and this rewang may take up until 2-3 days before kenduri depending on what the feast really is. So this rewang will started by chopping veges and clean the ayam. Then prepare kuali for cooking! this part where all dramas get started.

Scene 1
aunt 1: eh,kakak come sliced these onions and all.
kakak: alah..wak, i'll cry later on.
aunt 1: Just do it will u? *smiling

Scene 2
aunt 2 : kak, how we gonna cook this dish? Can we just put chillies and big and red onions inside? Do u still
            want the shrimp to be add on?
aunt 3 : EHH!!NO! Just a few of chilli as we have shrimp already. or not it will be to spicy fr the kids.
aunt 2 : okay kak.

Scene 3
*while washing dishes
aunt 1 : when u'll done study? still in kedah? hurm what course do u take?
kakak : another 5 years, no lah. now in bangi je. mecha engine.
aunt 3 : *accidentally struck dishes on the floor and nearly fall of
aunt 1 : AHHHH!!!
kakak: AHHHHH!!
everyone around : AHHH!
                          : Eh what it is?
                          : what r u guys shouting about?
                          : eh eh go help that aunt. dont just look.
                          : *someone running and ha? ha? what happen? someone just got birth?
mom : kakak,i'll zip up ur mouth okay later on. ur voice like thunder. So loud and yet so hurting my ears.
kakak:'s involuntary action. Im sorry mom. *sengih

... and others more. it's thrilling to have this gathering even once a year as it aint easy aite to have all in one place and share everything, laughing, having fun generally and caught up with each other life.

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