Monday, 28 May 2012

Dont Read.


Ive been left the usrah for a long time i guess. the last time was before exam weeks and i guess my knowledge bout islam do stop there also and it isnt good for me. people say to learn is a continuous process but for me everytime i start something i will stop it before i should. I had try my best to be more patient towards everyone, i mean EVERYONE. but i guess it just dont happen. It is okay to tell people that u were wrong but u dont need to insult her/him. Im not stupid btw. I just dont know. when u mad/angru guys just istighfar or take wudhu', it'll help u a lot to control ur anger but that word is too much for me. Way too much. plus u dont own me even so u are my relatives. bear that in ur ind. and now i dont know either u r a wise man or just someone who dont deserve me as one of ur relatives. and hey i do have feeling. so be gentle. if u hurt that much so do i. im not mad at u, just dissapoint with myself who cant control my own temper. i dont care of not eating dinner cause for me right now i cant stand to see ur face. CANT STAND AT ALL. why u cant help me to improve myself, just be a supportive. i dont need for u to cheer me up cause ive already got her but just only be understanding. Yes u can finish my favourite food tonight and keep on doing ur work like nothing happen. i dont care though. go on with urself. MOVE ON.

ps: im an emotional. too emotional.
pss: and shut up.

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  1. hai dear! nice vlog...follow ya! keep in touch! ^^