Monday, 21 May 2012

22 MAY 2012


The day started in gloomy atmosphere as girl stay up late night watched drama. Supposedly today she wake up early for driving test instead she awake around 7.30. She done her test nervously as along the road she had been scolded by the examiner because of many reason. She cant do anything except pray that he would had patient on her till the test ended. While driving, her mind kept on thinking was this one of the love that she felt? that she SUPPOSEDLY felt? Every word that he said meant a lot to her. She can relate the words to many thing until she realised maybe this was the way He tried to remind her about him. About relying to him. Confidently. In all conditions, no matter what. And to remind her how He love her even tough she did forget Him. Subhanallah. Allahuakbar. Verily He, The Almighty always love His servant. insya'Allah and Alhamdulillah  for today.

*The 1 Rejab 1433

p/s: Love Him Yasmin.

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