Sunday, 1 April 2012


Salam. Bismillah.

"Starts the day with Bismillah and ends it with Alhamdulillah"

Day by day I get tense with bulk of my homework untouched and my responsibilities towards my study and life. But Allah always makes me turn to him, He always do for all his servants. When Im whining about lots of thing, I will remember about Zain Bikha: Forgive me when I whine song. Thanks to my usrahmate for giving me this song, insya'allah I'll be more grateful than before. This just an intro.

30th March 2012
I'd volunteered myself to be a photographer on English Carnival Day on 31st March. Even tough it was my 1st time accepting this job but I think it will be so much fun and it was :D  But then on the evening, I went to Stadium Melawati for Going March to Jarusalem (GMJ). Firstly, I thought there will be cheering about saving Palestine but what surprised me most was that there were like concert in there. People singing, but that didnt catch my attention much, what I really concern about was why the poet delivered his speech with all that actions, somehow it was like mocking the Palestinians rather than pity about their suffering. From my understanding, there will be a marching but maybe I missed it. Furthermore, I missed flash mob and my friends said it was fascinating as the crowd filled the centre of the stadium and sang about Palestine. It was impressing me, of course. I hope one day muslims will unite in a short period from now and together we win the legendary war, insya'allah.

31st March 2012
I've woke up early today, around 9 and half-excited to take pictures of pre-during-post of English Carnival. Last night, Ive prepared myself with some camera tutorials and alhamdulillah, I learnt something. I try to apply but most of it I just use AUTO function as I need to take lots of picture. I need to capture THE MOMENT :D
Starting from 1pm till 5.30pm, ive drown into lake of human and flew taking pictures from every angle that I felt beautiful. Ive met people and I do learnt something from them. I learnt how people cannot control themselves when they forgot how joy would make them away from their responsibilities,but alhamdulillah some still acknowledge that and done their part.

5.30 pm till 1am of 1st April 2012
I went for a talk at Masjid Putrajaya about Maulid Nabi. I think generally its all about we remembering our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. Honestly, Im not really understand how people could love and miss Rasulullah but now I do understand it. Syukran Ya Allah for included my name on people-who-attend-majlis-ilmu list :) Despite that Im so tired be a photographer, Allah plan for me a relaxing exercise by complimented His Lover, Muhammad S.A.W. When I was in the Qasidah event ( complimented rasulullah with rythm just like a song but in arab) Ive cried cause at that time I really feel the joyness of people back then when Rasulullah migrating from Makkah to Madinah. I felt happy and at the same time touched by His Greatness giving me an opportunity to know, to understand and to LOVE my prophet, Muhammad S.A.W.

Ya Nabi Salam A'laika
Ya Rasul Salam A'laika
Ya Habibi Salam A'laika
Solawatullah A'laika.

Actually this post will be longer than usual but instead of continuing this I think its better for me to stop and cont. in the other post, insya'allah. later.

p/s: Allah always be with good people.

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