Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What A Day


17 MARCH 2012

For me today was supposed to be a full-assignment day but instead, I went for a hot air balloon fiesta with some friends. For most it started quite well but for lunch we were planning to go to Alamanda and needed to search bus and yet it was so hard. Forget bout that, hah and I'd spent time lunch at McD (again =,=) After that we had our Asar prayer at Masjid Besi at Putrajaya and Zohor at Alamanda. Then we just mingle around at the fiesta park until dusk, waiting for Maghrib and again we prayed at Masjid Besi. Last but not least, the event we were waiting for....


eeeiiinnggg!eeeiiinnggg! Dush! Dush! Boom! Kebaboom!

It was so beautiful until I became speechless and YES I just got too excited and taking pictures like .......... (ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!) heee~ It was so much fun being there.

*Actually this will be what every teenage girls would write bout her day out. but for me it would be just like this:

17 MARCH 2012

I went to hot air balloon fiesta. After Isya', my friends and I were waiting for the ultimate event and... IT WAS THE FIREWORKS! so because I felt giulty by not attend the tazkirah at nearby Masjid which is Masjid Besi , then I asked them to have a small-simple-light usrah among us and THE USRAH really open my eyes on how Allah gaves His hidayah to His hamba and she changes now. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah as there are no more 3 Musketeers but 4 Muslimah. 

*smiling and feel so happy. Thanks Allah.

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