Friday, 16 March 2012

Save Syria


Alhamdulillah as I still alive today; Friday.

That's what ALL muslim need to fight for. Fight for islam. Let it start by hating violence with ur heart and improve it by using your other senses. I know some people might ignore it but can you please tell me what a logical reason of killing innocent people? Why do one need to satisfy their heart by torturing people? Is that what you call "defending your own man" but in reality you are the one who killed them most of the time? Our source of information is restricted but why don't make the useful of internet to surf deeper instead of waiting the news on TV and radio? Man we are in the civilise moment where everything are important and can know it in a second. Give supports to our sisters and brothers there and show our spirit that we pray for them. For that they will not give up and stay fight for islam and their right as muslim citizens. We can not do much but to make du'a for our brothers and sisters. for the winning, insyaallah. 

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