Monday, 27 February 2012

Random says

its never been too late to say whats inside ur mind and try to deliver it in a better way. U knew how bad u in some particular field but isnt it hurt when u tried ur very best to do it n then people said " just do it normally. like uve done it before." hey man! say something nice please. something that can motivate one not bring him down. Motivation it isnt shopping, it is more like bathing. u need it everytime for freshen up. Observing people with naked eyes and heartless feeling will make u blind. u wont see the good side n bad side of one. but what u only see is nothing. u see nothing and u still consider it as watching. well, eyes would see what we want to see so there u go. if u wanna see ghost, u'll imagine it in ur head n *POOOPPSS  it go across ur eyes same like if u only see the bad side of someone u'll never see the good side of one. *hurm im cicrcling around this thing n i dunno how I can put into words what I felt ryte now. 

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