Saturday, 4 February 2012


I love to talk bout myself. but one told me not till I brag bout it.
I love to look, stare, approach,eat, hear, n etc bout something that cute. but one told me not everything is cute.
I love to read quotes, anything that I can improve myself. and now slowly I found the way to be better than before.
Its hard I can't deny that, but make it consistent and it'll become a habit. Thanks to Allah, He lead me to a right path. He was before but only now I do concern bout myself. I do concern to improve me, and I pray every day.InsyaAllah. 

now I learn to understand people. learn to control my temper. learn to control my words.learn to accept people weakness. learn to forgive and forget. A S A P. learn to know deeper bout ISLAM.

RuHiS be patient to teach me the right way and living on ISLAM lifestyle. I want to feel the beauty and the sweetness in IMAN and ISLAM. 

p/s: guide be cont.

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