Sunday, 22 January 2012

War Of Current

Talking about IELTS , I think fr another 4 month maybe I can be the band 8 students. I didnt know that 'Read n Reflect' thingy would be that hard especially for a short-term-memory-person like me.

Ive heard about this war before frm my ormer lecterur, Sir Nizam. He said that Tesla and Edison were in a big war in their time before. Then tis morning, my present lecturer talked about magnetism and electric, and my mind went back to the last year locker of memory about The Prestige. The magician muvie. It had a few scene about Tesla and Edison at the end of the muvie when Alfred Borden and Robert Angier do involved in the teleportation machine. But there was one scene where I doubt how the machine worked. Tesla walked under the machine but there was no copied of him like the hat and the black cat. That was really confusing me.How come Tesla wont have copied of him but others have? hurmm... I've done some research and stated that citric acid can flow electric. That is how Tesla can transfer his electric to Angier and light up the bulb on Angier,s hand. well still need to do deeper research.

p/s: to be continued..
p/p/s: I never regret spend my time at kampung as the atmosphere its always welcoming .lagilagi CNY ni..bestnye tengok bigbig FIREWORKS!


  1. Seriously, aku x paham bnde2 pasal tesla sume tumaybe sbb aku da blajar bio kot..haha