Monday, 5 December 2011

The Truth

Just watching the "Rant On Lagu Cinta" by Matluthfi and Im done some research on the songs he included in his vid. Well the lyrics are quite irrational from one aspect but in the eyes of people who are in love or how I should say it "too-in-love-mood". Love is blind ryte, so that's what differentiated the 'pengorbanan and kebodohan'. whenever u love someone too much u'll be doing this:

case1: Budak alim kat maktab.perghh. Memang selalu bagi teguran kat surau dan memang selalu menasihati rakanrakan. Dengan tibatiba,he fall in love with this gurl which is totally different frm him. Yes of course she is cute enuf and I dunno what spell she read to this boy till budak laki ini sanggup la pecah masuk girl's dormitory krn terlalu bimbang bout his gurl. Padahal awek dy ni sehat walafiat n baru je kate nak tido. Belum kate nak bunuh diri lagi, kang ta pasalpasal bf dy yang mati dulu.

case2: He just in a relationship fr only 6 months.In the meantime, he met a girl in his new college n hang out with her and them became a bff. The girl uploaded pictures of them and obviously his gf knew it and spread the words of how she hate the girl but in malay she said " aku ta suke dy but not enuf to hate her" err btw is that make any difference?Oh yes. The language is it? so the girl make a drama just by saying " I nak clash. I just cant stop to hate her." and blablabla. But the guy didnt want to so instead saying another thing he said "she is nothing to me but a SHIT." Cool huh?Sanggup tuuu.

case3: They were in love before but something happen and they separate but still in contact. So as the time goes by the boy just get bored caused the girl stil felt like they were an item. The boy changed his phone number like so many times and stil the girl searched fr him. Through his frens, fb, twitter, google haha she didnt feel ashamed of herself cause fr me girls shouldnt chase boys. Its inappropriate.

Those are the cases when we were in love so fr them all the love songs are just perfect to deliver their heart cause like they didnt find the perfect words to describe it. Some of them would say in plain english or straightforward, some would write letters, some show signs or body language, some through electronic communication and of course through love songs regardless the language but whatever it is they just mad with their lovers.Mathluthfi maybe understand the lyrics based on his level of thinking. For KRU and FOURTEEN 's songs this is my opinion but for SO FARZ i totally agreed with Mathluthfi. How come hari esok umpama mawar yang sedang mekar. HAH. FREAK! but maybe we should ask the lyricist of the song.Maybe he/she got confused while finding the good rhymes. And not to forget Grenade song. Usually on movies or whenever, when we kiss someone that we love, passionately, so automatically the eyes will tight-closed and not WIDE OPENED.because of that the phrase is in the song. the guy ignore the girl reaction until she left. from that moment the guy now can see better where his partner dont love him frm the beginning. Love Is Blind.(repeated)

The truth is arts depend on people. The thinking style. If the mind think A so A it will be.

p/s: Thanks Matluthfi fr giving me idea indirectly.(:

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