Sunday, 4 December 2011


"When a werewolf imprinted to someone then that person will be fully-protected from being harmed by the tribe."

The moment i read that sentence my heart beat faster as i was getting excited to know who is my One and Only. Hah..People keep saying, "stop dreaming girl. U'll just get hurt more and more when u didnt get what u wanted." but hey! i dun give a damn about of what people said to me about all of this. I knew he is out there searching for me too. Its like a boost for me whenever i think about how excited I am when  a guy propose to me in 7 years to come. People love to talk about LOVE and MARRIAGE so do I. Ive been in relationship before but it failed. First cause i made a mistake that I regret and the 2nd one I just dunno why ive been dumped but its okay ive got my revenge. Thanks GOD. The thing is what I learnt from these two relationship that I MUST BELIEVE. U'll come its just the matter of time. Since I was small Ive been blind by the perfectly-planned-life-of-princess and that is what shape me till now. Been treated like a princess. Its my faith maybe to be someone's princess one day. Truly A Princess. Im always get confused of my own heart, feeling and yeah my mind. It's always distracting by the thing me dun understand. Maybe I still a kid that need a guidance or Im having dual behavior or am I a hypocrite? Towards myself. Maybe I cant accept the reality. My faith. What my life had been planned to be. Its been awhile i didnt get into love and I always make someone's hurt by hurting their feelings, broken things, and etc. The truth is I just wanna be myself which Im afraid. I afraid that I'll feel unfree when they pay more attention to me or they will get bored with my kind behavior of they will leave me when they know the real me or they just pissed off when I open up. Why people can satisfy on what they have and keep it safely? Why me didnt appreciate what i have before. Hey its past ryte so i need to continue my journey by go through my faith with a happy smile.

I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while
but I can't hold it no longer when I see that sparkly smile
p/s:thanks for making my days throughout the year

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