Saturday, 31 December 2011

The days out

The final week of December 2011 and I'd spent it fr quite good day out started on Wednesday of this week.


I went to mid (again-,-) and had a lil reunion with haziq,hiel and shahrin. We had lunch together and haziq+hiel bullied me by making me sit and ate in front of shahrin..agrghhh malunyee~ but it went well :) tengs courage.hah!
And next we had one game for bowling and it started as me on 2nd place but ended up I was the 3rd place. Geram sama itu Hiel ngan Haziq.Huh.BENCIBENCI.#joking
And not to forget Haziq and Hiel sent me home plus they ate at my house. makan satay^^. jangan jeles rakan.

The pictures of them (frm behind) :

Shahrin.bowling dalam gelap.^^

Haziq and Hiel

p/s: sorry guys. i've got ur pictures only frm behind.

Today I went to Sunway Pyramid with Syikin. heh. kami ditipu untuk menaiki cab. DAYYUMMM. just a lil sec after that the mini bus arrived and some of the girls out there laughed at us cause we've been fooled. And then we met in front of starbucks with others. next, we went fr skate and muvee (The Darkest Hour). Ate 1901 with Akif and Syikin. Ate mamak with them at dusk. and bought CUPCAKE CHIC =). Lastly, Syed send me,Tsara, Syikin and Ikram went home. tengs again rakan. bahagia berskate dengan Syikin sambil mencuci mata o,O.

Pictures of the day:

ok. Thats bout the day out. n fr the skating part..I found these ^^

p/s: happy time.^^

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