Thursday, 22 December 2011

Band... The Past.

Brass band is a different thing than any common band. Well u see, this band here it isnt teach us how to respect and discipline but also got deep into the music itself. From band u'll learn bout trust, loyalty, teamwork, but most important is sisterhood/brotherhood. Let me tell u one story about a girl who has been influence in madly in love with brass band.

The story begin here...

I met a boy on a summer camp near mid of 2005. and he was the one who brought this band thing to me. He was a saxophonist member on his school brass band. We were closed friends as I remembered so he done lots of talking bout his band. How he has been treated in the band. also the other members. They got rules, every evening after school they had practices. How to drill, exercising, learn music notes, been brainwashed by the seniors. Seniority in his school is soo.....(I dunno.too much I guess) Everyday my friend which I called him as F would tell me bout his routine. Eventough I barely met him but I always up-to-date bout him. Then I realized  on my school there was a band club. Brass band. same like his school. So I try my luck to join in, cause I think maybe I would be selected to be one of the members. F said it was hard to be in the band cause u know the seniors were majority. But hey I got in. I started my 1st practiced on the 3rd meeting of the club. The 2nd meeting was to announced the selection by selected members to get into sections. Clearly Im in the woodwind section. For the 1st time I got to hold a real instrument which I adored since I was a kid, accidentally heard Kenny G songs, that was alto saxophonist (but then I changed to tenor and actually Kenny G was playing soprano sax.haha) Then I felt myself all what had been said by F. The passion of plying instrument, feel the music in you like u born to be with it, taste the hardship in community, to defend ur sisterhood (even lots of fight between it,ahh girls). By the helped of seniors and alumni of the band members plus the committed and optimist instructor and not to forget our beloved teacher who has been supported the band all the years. After 2 years in the band, facing the difficulties I've been promoted to be a Drum Major. It my dream but I know I cant be a leader. I dont have the charisma of a perfect leader. and few weeks later I dumped the band (well it was another story). The thing was I learn a lot from this band. The LOVE, SINCERE, SACRIFICE, LIE, HURT, HATE and LIFE.
p/s: tiadekenemengenedengandirisesiapeyer...

End of story...

Ok. That's the story. and now I want u to enjoy some of the pictures of my band years

Both of these pictures are actually the front of primary school. LOL

The end of the picture ade tangge naek ke atas en? They said the store up there is haunted. :3

Canteen skola acteli..hehe kat atas tu ler..=P

Ni badge skola saye doludolu =D

Badge Convent Klang Brass Band (baru aku tahu..)

mase aku lead band.

under practise

Practise hard fr oncoming competition


To success u need to sacrifice and do it with all ur heart <3

p/s: sedih terkenang kenangan lama.

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